Green Intelligent Buildings

Green Intelligent Buildings

  • Ajax attended the recent Green Intelligent Buildings Conference.  Keynote speaker was Kevin Powell, of  GSA Energy Smart Buildings.  Mr. Powell discussed the need for Smart Buildings to integrate the major building systems on a common network, and share information to improve overall efficiencies and effectiveness.  He succinctly summed up challenges and goals by citing Energy Mandates:
  • EPAct 2005: 30% more efficient that ASHRAE 90.1
  • EO 13423: Energy Use 30% below 2003 baseline by 2015
  • EISA 2007: Zero fossil fuel use by 2030

According to a recent article in Maintenance Solutions by Gregory Hughel (Facility Engineering Associates –, about 30 percent of the energy office buildings consume is wasted.   A building’s mechanical and electrical systems typically account for 70% of the office building’s energy use.  Mr. Hughel goes on to discuss the costs of recommissioning a building can  appear to be steep, but the payback typically occurs in 6 months to two years.

Besides looking for operational efficiencies from their HVAC systems, managers are looking for ways to extend the life of their HAVC systems.  It is short-sighted for contractors or building owners to purchase equipment that is priced lower but is subject to short lifespans.  The old saying rings true “you get what you pay for.”  Ajax has built its products, and its reputation, around rugged products, designed to last.  Competitively priced, Ajax units have long been recognized for being workhorses.  That same strategy holds true for the Ajax high efficient systems, and the Smart Boiler Control  Systems.™

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