Mini-Packs Ace Vegas

Premier Las Vegas Hotel Chooses the Ace Mini-Pack System  

         “We have over 7,000 showers

plus thousands of sinks

in the guest rooms,

plus kitchens etc.,

and have never run out of hot water.”

- General Manager  


In a town which, famously, never sleeps—which mega-star hotel along the Las Vegas Strip relies on Ajax Boiler to provide its demanding guests with a proven and truly reliable hot water system?

It may remain one of those Las Vegas secrets which stays in Vegas—except to say that the hotel’s legendary Italian city namesake, equally dependent on water for its day to day commerce, would without a doubt approve of management’s selection of a cost efficient Ajax Ace Series Mini-Pack array to get the job done right.

Ten Ace Mini-Pack semi-instantaneous hot water units have been in service at this hotel since 2000. 

Maintained and operated by Veolia Energy, they are divided between two service banks strategically located within the sprawling hotel-casino complex to ensure that reliable delivery of hot water is never an issue for either the hotel or its guests.

Day or night, regardless of seasonal variations in demand.

Each service bank separately handles the hot water needs of up to 1000 guest rooms along with the hotel’s kitchen, laundry and casino areas, utilizing the Mini-Packs for producing 150 gallons of 140˚F hot water each per minute. The adaptability, impressive performance capabilities and characteristically small footprint of Ajax equipment make us an ideal choice for this large hotel’s very exacting needs.

Whatever your own specific requirements—why not allow our knowledgeable team of experts to suggest a thrifty and dependable Ajax solution?